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Hello everyone,

I'm going to be visiting the IR in Sept ish of 2017. I'm going with a couple of other guys who've been there once before, but this will be my first time there.My fishing goals are pretty simple since this isn't a dedicated fishing trip. The idea would be something I get to do maybe a little bit here or there. I don't really care what I catch, but I'd like to catch something. Ideally, it'd be nice to provide a fish dinner for us once or twice on the trip, but that means more cooking equipment too so I can easily be talked out of that as well.

I'm an experienced fisherman, but mostly with a fly rod in rivers. I haven't done much fishing in open water like this. I've got a little packable spinning rod that's small and lightweight and I think that'd be a better choice than my fly rod. Where I'm really lacking is knowing what types of lures, jigs, rubber worms, spoons or whatever to bring with me. Put me in a river or a small pond with a fly rod and I can figure it out. Put me on the IR with all that big water and I'm going to start feeling more than a little lost.I've been looking all over the internet and searching wherever I can to find any information so any advice on catching some fish would be greatly appreciated.

Please help

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