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Let me start by saying I purchased an RWS 34 which is a German made break-barrel rifle last year. The gun is great quality but boy is it difficult to shoot accurately everytinme being that is a spring operated gun. The recoil actually shifted the scope over a short period of time. The gun was also quite loud which didn't help matters.Long story short, I couldn't consistently eliminate the sparrows and starlings with this gun. I became very frustrated with it and it ended up in the safe more than pointed out my windows.

I read a post here a few weeks ago about the Benjamin Marauder and started checking it out through Pyramid Air. This gun is a PCP Pre Charged Pneumatic and is extremely easy to shoot. For a PCP generally costing 900 to 2500 this gun is much more affordable at 469. One down side is that you do have to buy a rather expensive ($200-$250) hand pump to charge it. I can easily eliminate any sparrow or starling up to 45 yards. The barrel is shrouded so it is completely quiet - like firing a firearm with a silencer on it. The gun also comes with a match grade trigger and a 10 round clip to get second shots off quickly. Anyone who has had trouble with repeating traps or spring operated air guns this gun was made for you. Just wanted to share this with everyone.

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