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We are about to get our first flat coated retriever in the next few weeks. It will be a yellow boy as we have no desire to show, our focus is on function and the need to fit in with the others pups in our backyard (alaskan malamutes)...from our research we have been unable to see any major downfall from having a yellow one..other than not showing so no biggy there. The reason for a flat coat is too long and if I write it out will just be confusing...but no regrets with the decision. It will be used primarily for retrieving waterfowl when I go hunt them and maybe some minor tracking when I hunt deer (read, dog friend to come along for the ride) though retrieving trials do look interesting! Apart from joining ACT gundogs society (which I will be doing having already gone out to a training day...people must have thought I was strange as I was the only one there without a dog),pre buying a several of dokken dummies etc and usual dog gear is there anything extra I need to be looking at?

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